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Natural, Safe Baby Sunscreen Lotion

We all know that babies have sensitive skin and that it must be protected from the sun. However, our skin also has the amazing ability to absorb anything that we put on it. Unfortunately, some ingredients in traditional sunscren may not be the best for babies. In fact, many pediatricians tell parents not to use any sunscreen until a baby is at least six months old because of its potential to harm major organs.  Even after a baby is six months old, it's wise to choose natural, chemical free baby sunscreen lotion to make sure that baby (and children's) skin is being protected safely!

Following is a list of natural, chemical free baby sunscreen lotion that you may want to consider for your little ones:

California Baby SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion:  This great sunscreen comes in a variety of scents and all of it is chemical free.  It stays good for up to 80 minutes in the water before another application is required. 

Avalon Organics Baby Sunscreen: Avalon Organics specializes in all organic and natural products. Their sunscreen comes in SPF 18 and is made with organic ingredients. 

TruKid Sunny Days: Offered in a really cool orange color, Trukids sunscreen is less expensive then California Baby and is made with non-chemical ingredients. 

Badger All Natural Sunscren: The Badger sunscreen comes in SPF 15 and SPF 30 and is also made of natural ingredients that are healthy for your child's skin and body. 

Whatever baby sunscreen lotion that you use, choose something that is safe and good for you child. 

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