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Need a Babysitter or Other Help? Hire a Teen Via...

Need a mother's helper, your lawn mowed, some leaf raking or other odd jobs around the house? If you live near Needham, MA, try the Needham Youth Commission's Youth Employment Program. You do need to visit their office to look through the book and copy the pages of interest, but it worked out well for us when we were moving with two small children. We needed a lot of yard work, odd jobs and moving help. You just need to call the youths listed and work out the details. Here's the description from the website:

Residents seeking to hire a youth for around-the-house chores can browse our Residential Employment Book that lists youth in their area who perform the chores they are looking to complete. Residents then contact youth directly to interview and negotiate terms of employment. There is a $5 fee for this program.

You can also pay $10 for their "Express Service" - Residents can pick up pre-made listings of youth who provide services such as snow shoveling and babysitting for a $10 fee. This service is available either at our offices or by sending a self-addressed and stamped business envelope along with the fee to the Youth Commission.

Give them a call - it's worth it.

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