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New Enrichment Program for Kids

Found a brand new program in the area.  Signed my child up for "Bug Camp" in August, interested in Fall program.  It's great to finally see a math and science program for young children that looks like a lot of fun. Brand new program.  Geared towards young.  Check it out.

Mary J.
Sounds like a great program! There are also great, affordable fitness, dance and music courses available to children and families in the Boston area. Live Well Lifestyle Enrichment Courses
Kristie B.
This looks like a great way to keep the kids busy and learning for the summer. I'm looking forward to the Thursday program this fall for the Framingham residents that have all those 1/2 days! I think the hours and price sound just the same as most other programs.
Heard about this at family friendly event last Wednesday, then it came in on my newest tips. Saw "CaraPisa" comment...sibling discount, where do I call? Checked it out. 3.5 hours a day may be too much time for my 4 year old twins but I would love it.
I signed up for Camp, they had a great sibling discount. I'll wait and see if the fall semester will work. Might be nice to have a 3:00 for my 6 year old. Schedule may not work. I've looked at a lot of programs, and they are all similarly priced. I do not think it's that "pricey". I'll post after camp........
Checked it out - looks like a nice program, but a bit pricey... $150. for 3 half days?
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