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Octopus Hanger for Drying Delicates and Displaying...

Did you ever want to dry all your delicate laundry items, but didn’t want to place them in the dryer? Then you’re forced to hang stockings from the shower rod or other creative places in your house.

Well here’s a convenient solution I stumbled upon for hanging laundry. It’s called the Jabba octopus hanger! It comes in green and red (that I know of) and is great for placing in your laundry room.

You can also hang it outside off your clothesline. It’s ideal for keeping your delicate items separate instead of drying them with your bulkier laundry.

Use it for hanging linens, napkins and stockings. There’s nothing worse than leggings or stockings wrapped around a towel or hidden in a pair of jeans when you're folding laundry!

You can get the octopus hanger at Ikea, as stated in this website article. However, you might have to call your local Ikea to see if they have them in stock. The octopus hangers are also listed on eBay from time to time.

Look into new and different hangers for all your laundry needs. Another one is a hanger you can install right on the wall. Or try a scarf hanger to keep your lovely accessories organized and wrinkle-free.

Some mom’s even use such laundry hangers for displaying their kid’s artwork. Check out this idea for displaying kid’s art with the Jabba.

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