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The omelet is the easiest fancy breakfast to make and a good starter for teaching a young one how to cook because of its simplicity.  All you need is:  

    1, 2, or 3 eggs depending on the size of omelet
    a dash of milk
    a pat of butter
    a filler such as  chopped mushrooms, cheese, flaked cooked salmon, chopped scallions, pepperoni (small enough to be left whole), or just about anything in small slices, chopped or flaked.

There are three way of making an omelet in which two involve just beating the eggs in the milk and the third requiring that the egg yolks be beaten separately (the yolk with the milk) from the egg white (separating is just carefully breaking the shell into two fairly even halves over a mixing bowl letting the egg white drip into the bowl and keeping the yolk in one of the half shells and then carefully moving the yolk from one half shell to the other letting the white drip into the mixing bowl until most of the white is in the bowl followed by placing the yolk in a second bowl).

The first way to make an omelet using the combined beaten eggs is to saute the ingredients (minus any cheese) in the fry pan to heat as a thin layer (use a medium heat setting), pour the egg mixture over the heated ingredients carefully trying not to bunch up the heated ingredients and then cooked until slightly firm before putting any cheese on so that it may melt.  Once the cheese is melted and the top of the egg is cooked fold and transfer to a plate.

The second way is to melt the butter in the fry pan making sure it coats the bottom evenly, adding the egg mixture, let firm a little, putting the ingredients (including any cheese) on the partially firmed eggs, and allow until the top is cooked (fully firm).  Once cooked, fold the omelet and transfer to the the plate.

The third way with separated eggs is a little more involved.  Make sure the egg white is beating until fairly firm, then carefully fold in the beaten yolk/milk mixture (add by tilting the beaten white bowl and pour in the yolk.milk mixture along the side so that it flows under the white).  Melt the butter in the fry pan the same as the second way of making an omelet and then pour the combined egg mixture into the pan.  Wait until the bottom firms and add any ingredients.  Cover so the top cooks via the steam and when when cooked, remove the cover, fold in half and move to a plate.  If some of the ingredients require cooking saute those ingredients in the butter and remove before putting in the egg mixture.

By starting with the first way to make an omelet, the person will gain the skill of using the fry pan to heat and cook.  The second way adds the skill of order in cooking while third refines the skills of preparation.  The variations of fillers also allows for experimenting in food combinations.

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