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One-of-a-kind Toy Shop

The Toy Shop of Concord is, like so many other shops in Concord, one-of-a-kind. A fabulous alternative to the big box mall toy stores, it resides at the corner Walden and Main Street. The Toy Shop has been in continuous operation for over sixty-two years and it encourages children to be fanciful, creative, inquisitive and joyful when they enter the shop. The doors open on a world that has beautiful hand-crafted European toys, an overhead electric train and dolls of all shapes and sizes. Somehow they manage to blend an inventory steeped in tradition with the “must haves” from many childrens’ wish lists.

The Toy Shop of Concord at Christmas time is not to be missed. Just the act of walking through at this magical time elicits oohs and aahs from my girls especially as they look in the gorgeous front window..home at one time to a stunningly carved and decorated rocking horse. In fact, with Birthdays in October, my girls have already chosen an individual morning outing with Mom at The Toy Shop. A chance to stroll through at their pace, not mine and walk away with one special item that is dearest to them. It is the environment as much as the toys found within, that’s made this place special for generations. Courtesy of The Concord Life

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