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One way to get rid of that pacifier

When we were trying to get our child to give up the pacifier, we would just give it to her at nighttime.  She was about 18 months, I believe, and was able to understand the idea that the pacifier stayed in the crib.  When we got her out of the crib in the morning, the pacifier came out, went into the crib and stayed there before we would get her out and about.   A few times, she would get upset and then we would remind her that the pacifier was for "sleepytime only."  This allowed her to develop her language skills during the day because that pacifier was not in her mouth, making it difficult for her to talk, and it gave her comfort when she slept at night.  It also allowed her to create new ways to sooth herself when she got upset during the day.   After a while of the pacifier just being for sleepytime (nighttime and naps), we made the pacifier a nighttime thing only.  Then we started popping it out at night after she went to bed.  Eventually, she didn't even want it at night anymore because of the way she had been weaned from it.   Hope this helps if you are having trouble with pacifiers. 

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