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Online Homeschool Enrichment Programs

You don't have to be primarily homeschooling to benefit from this website.  It doesn't matter whether you're a teacher or after-schooling, it's an excellent source to supplement your child's education. The link I've provided offers enrichment ideas for those kids who need more of a challenge in the various disciplines.

The reason that I've linked directly to that page, is that over the years I have found that the higher our expectations, the more likely we are to achieve results. What this particular website page offers is a variety of links to other websites that will challenge your child's mind. Some of them you might already be familiar with, but there are a lot of fun opportunities for learning in other disciplines such as music and the humanities which includes poetry (Haiku for kids!).

In music, there's a link called Alley Cats where you can create your own melody. In Wacky Headline Generator found in creative writing, click on Make My Headline, then on the left side, tips for teacher, and you are provided with strange headlines, i.e. Baby Balances on Cow, to inspire your budding future journalist to write a story.

Overall, I found the site to be an excellent resource for venues in education not always considered, such as the remarkable geographical experience of google earth. So, take a little while to investigate all of the educational opportunites/links offered here and challenge your child's mind.

Mary J.
Sounds like a great program! There are also great, affordable fitness, dance and music courses available to children and families in the Boston area. Live Well Lifestyle Enrichment Courses
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