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Organic Cotton Mattress - Worth Your Consideration...

I recently replaced my kid's mattresses - it was just time to get new ones. After lots of research, and lots of looking around, I settled on an organic cotton mattress, offered by a company called Keetsa. The organic cotton mattress cover is only the beginning of the benefits offered by this company that claims to sell only eco friendly mattresses.

Some of the other things they are doing include:

  • 100% Wool is used for a fire barrier instead of heavily treated fabrics.
  • Instead of using traditional memory foam, which is petroleum based, they use something they call "bio foam," which replaces some of the petroleum with castor oil. Their foam has no VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) and no formaldehyde. This was a HUGE selling point for me as I understand the risks associated with both.
  • They use a green tea extract as an anti-oxidant that is supposed to keep their mattresses smelling fresh. I haven't had mine long enough to comment, but they do smell nice when they're new!
  • They use recycled material in the base of the mattress - and we all know recycling is a good thing.
  • None of their mattresses require box springs - which saves money, and of course, a lot of material and waste that's an inherent part of manufacturing anything.
  • For shipping, they fit each mattress into a relatively small box, which saves packaging and reduces the carbon footprint during shipping.
  • They warranty all of their mattresses for 20 years. Items that are made well are more eco friendly than things that are not, simply because you'll use them longer before they end up in a landfill somewhere.
Perhaps that best thing about Keetsa's Organic Cotton Mattress is the fact that it really is price friendly A twin mattress starts at about $459 - when you factor in the fact that you don't need to purchase a box spring, they are pretty competitive with any other mattress on the market.
So far, my kids really love their organic cotton mattress - and I'm pleased that I did the right thing. I'm buying one for myself next!
  • For additional green and eco-friendly green tips visit my blog at lilgreendress.
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