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Organic Play Dough by Clementine

I'm all about organic products these days, as I try to do my best to protect the earth and my family. I also like products that are made in a way that doesn't have a negative impact on people or places.  My most recent find is this cool organic play dough by Clementine.

Priced at $38.00 for 6 jars of Play Dough and three wooden toys to use during play, it's a little more than what I've ever spent on play dough before.  I still find it to be a good deal and I'll tell you why.  First, the play dough is made with all natural products, including sea salt, organic flour, and canola oil.  I know that it's safe if my children put it in their mouths (and they do!), and it's handmade.  There's just something I like about the idea of supporting people who hand make items.  

I also really like that this product also comes with wood toys to use with it, as opposed to plastic.  Wood is a far more sustainable product and it lasts longer as well.  The creation of plastic is an extremely non eco friendly process so I'm really trying to get away from buying plastic toys for my kids all together.  

My kids love their new organic play dough and I love the fact that it's eco friendly - and that it smells good! It comes in 6 different scents.  The play dough also stays extremely soft.  The company says that it will stay soft for six months, but we always put it away immediately after use and it seems to be just as good as the day we bought it three months ago.  I tend to think it will last longer than 6 months. 

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