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Organizer Systems for Your Garage

My garage was being used as a giant storage cabinet. Everything was disorganized and even though things were sorted and placed up against the wall, I couldn't get my cars in the garage or find anything that I wanted. I decided to do something about it.

I started by taking graph paper, a ruler and a pencil and layout the garage to scale, showing the garage doors, windows, doors, switches and anything else that is permanent in the space. Usually graph paper is drawn with 1/4" squares, so one square will equal one foot.

Next I layed out the size of cabinets both lower and uppers, storage cabinets etc. that wanted in the space. I elected to go with garage cabinets manufactured by Coleman - their TD2 garage cabinet system. It has base cabinets that are storage cabinets or shelving units, upper cabinets, large storage cabinets from 36 to 42 wide and pegboard organizers for tools etc. They are available at Lowes and are quite reasonably priced. Since they are only 20 inches deep they don't take that much room in the garage and can be placed on the sides or on the front wall between 2 cars of a 2-stall garage.

Also you may want to consider a whole-wall organization system in combination with the cabinets. You can accomplish it by securing 1/4" pegboard to walls or portions of walls in your garage. Just fasten the pegboard to 3/4" x 2" furring strips so the pegboard is spaced away from the wall 3/4". Then you can purchase a number of hooks, bike racks, ladder hangers, tool racks etc. to fully organize your garage.

Different garage organizers are available from Home Depot and Lowes. Check them out and see which one suite you best. Keep in mind you will have to assemble them yourself so there is a bit of handiwork required, but it is well worth it! 

After finishing these two steps my garage is now completely organized, I can park my cars in the garage and find anything quickly and easily. The kids bikes are hung up for winter storage and all of there good-weather toys are put away.

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