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Organizing Oodles of Kids' Artwork

When the kids were babies, I framed every piece of paper they scribbled on.

Now I surreptitiously try to throw them away.  Don't get me wrong, I love their artwork.  But there is just so much of it!

The guilt overcame me and I came up with two great ways to get rid of the clutter and keep [almost] all of their artwork.

  1.  Scrapbook System: Buy a simple top load scrapbook from a craft store for each child and as the works of art come home, pick the best and slide them in.  Done!  I found some nice scrapbooks at A.C. Moore on sale for under $4 each that even had a place to slide in a picture on the front.  If your child is prolific, you may need a stash of these scrapbooks.
  2. Digitize: Set aside a box and store the best artwork in it until it is full.  Then get out your digital camera and take close up pictures of each work of art.  Make digital slide shows, collages or even print photo flip books with Picasa, Snapfish or another program.
I also use the scrapbook method with my son, because in one weekend he had literally covered all my walls with his artwork and all of it was great. We filled up an entire scrapbook in one day and had to buy additional pages. Now, he knows whenever he creates something new that he must choose which ones to keep and which to toss. If he keeps it, he knows he must either find a home for it on his bedroom wall or in his book. (Surprisingly, he tosses most of it and his bedroom walls have very little on them.) This way, he is learning how to be selective in what he chooses to keep, and there's no guilt on my part when he decides to throw something away, because it was his decision rather than mine!
Kim K.
Great ideas! We also have a large picture frame (bought online) that holds the artwork, only displaying the top one - great for storing and displaying at the same time.
Lani H.
I like to scan my son's art into the computer, but also keep my favorite pieces in a notebook. I like the idea of making a flipbook, too. Great idea!
Tonya D.
Go thru the best and make a calender at a copy store and give as gifts to family members.
Wanda H.
Love these ideas! :) Also, can hang a string of yarn or twine onto the wall with eyelet screws and have your little picasso hang his/her favorite creations for display with wooden clothespins.
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