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Paint Clean Up & Storage Tips

Paint Clean Up -

Rub petroleum jelly on your hands before you pick up that brush or roller to paint a room.  It seals the pores on your hands, taking the post painting job of cleanup from problematic to quick.  You can also wear latex gloves for a quicker, easier cleanup too.

Paint Storage -

Before you store leftover paint, mark the outside of the can in such a way that you know eactly what's inside.  Note which room or project it was used for and on what date.   Then, paint a wide swath of color to show both how much paint remains inside and what color it is.  No more prying open sticky cans to discover an inch of slime inside. 

Indoor/Outdoor -

Store outdoor paint and indoor paint on different shelves or in different areas (I keep indoor paint in a baement cupboard and outdoor paint on the garage shelves).  That way, when you have to find the stain for the deck, or the paint for the kitchen cabinets in a hurry, you'll know right where to look. 

Paint Rollers & Brushes -

Not quite finished with a paint job?  Wrap your roller or brush in foil or a ziplock bag and throw them in the freezer.  When you are ready to start up again, just thaw them out for a few minutes and you'll be ready to go again.   Avoids having to clean your brush in the middle of a job, or to have to start a whole new roller every time.

Spackle storage  -

Once you've opened a container of spackle, store it upside-down to prevent it from drying out. This really works!  

The only thing is, I think my husband gets some kind of weird pleasure out of buying new brushes and spackle every time we paint! Hehe
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