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Paint Outside Without the Mess

So if you hate the mess that paint makes, try this trick for when the kids are bored outside.  Give them paint brushes and choose a dark palate like a driveway or a deck.  Give kids a bowl of water and let them paint.  They can still see the design and you've got no mess! 

Alternatively, you could so this inside if you have a chalkboard - just let them paint with water.

We would give the kids at our daycare some buckets to share and each a paint brush or other painting object such as a sponge or loofa. not only did they have a cooling no mess fun time painting the playground equipment but the equipment got cleaner as well.. this also works with chairs set the chairs outside and let the kids go to town painting and cleaning the chairs...
Michelle M.
The kids at daycare really enjoy painting the building. It's amazing what a cup of water will do!
Janet J.
Great fun. I add food coloring to pails of water so the kids really think they are painting with different colors. No mess nor stains for sure
My mom used to let us do this all the time! We had a screened in porch with a brown bottom that was made of some kind of aluminum or something and a pool in the backyard. I would paint that thing with a bucket of pool water for hours!! When I got to the end, the beginning would be dry again so I'd have to start all over. I'll have to get a few paint brushes for my kids so they can paint like I used to. Great tip, I'd totally forgotten about doing this.
My sister and I used to do this ALL the time when we were kids. Worked amazingly well on our old wooden garage that was painted with flat paint. Used to amuse us for hours!!
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