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Parenting Advice from a Teacher

One of the best parenting tips I've heard was actually disguised as a teaching strategy:  Don't Cave.   Let's say little Fifi is begging for more computer time, and you've already said she gets 10 more minutes.  8 minutes down the line, when you give Fifi  her 2-minute warning, she starts to whine for more time, and you cave and let her stay on for another half hour.   What's an extra half-hour on a rainy afternoon, anyway?

Fifi is now thinking, "Sucker!"  She has won the battle and the war.

It doesn't matter so much exactly where you draw the line on limits, but it's crucial to stick to what you say!  Kids can spot a wavering parent a mile away, and it only encourages them to whine even louder next time, knowing that you will eventually cave.  The more you stick to the original plan (even if it was rather randomly decided upon at the time), the less the child will try to change that 'no' to a 'yes'. 

My kids are teens and have never whined or begged for more, because of a simple rule we had when they were tiny. If they asked for something I knew was going to be an issue, I would say "No, and if you ask again, there will be a punishment." They never begged or whined for anything!!
Alesha B.
This is a very good tip but its extremely hard when there are overbearing grandparents in the picture.
Its very important for all the members in the family (grandmas, grandpas and Fathers) not to cave in. Daddis melt like butter and mommy always looks bad
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