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Parents of Kids with Special Needs: Transitioning...

As a first time Mom of a 10 month old and a special education teacher for children ages 3-5 (before Aidan), I want to give you some encouragement about your three year old's first couple of weeks at school.  I have hugged and reassured many, many parents that things will be alright and their child will learn and grow socially, emotionally and academically- and actually like school!  Transitioning from Early Intervention to a school program can be difficult for both you and your child.  EI is one on one and in the comfort of your own home and a school program is not!  Your job in these first couple of weeks is to establish a positive relationship with the teacher and service providers.  Make it clear that you are going to be very involved in your child's development and would like lots of feedback on your child's progress and activities that you can do at home.  Expect home-school communication and ask the teacher about a notebook or email exchange.  Be sure to communicate your child's progress at home too, along with any concerns or questions that you may have!  An IEP meeting or scheduled conference should not be the only time you hear about progress or lack there of.  Stay on top of the teacher- but be sure to establish and maintain a positive, healthy relationship.  Respect boundaries, but expect that the best will be provided for your child.  He or she absolutely deserves it!  Good luck!  Next year at this time you won't believe how much progress your son/daughter has made!!

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