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Photography for Children - A Rewarding Learning...

Assuming that you have a digital camera selected or purchased for your child already, you can begin to instruct them on the art of photography and treat the digital camera as a tool and not a toy. Many kids just want a camera because everyone else has one and they take mostly the same silly pictures of their friends. Don't get me wrong, this is still a good thing, but you may want to get them to the next level of photography, which is an art they can carry with them for the rest of their lives.

If you have a child ages 10 and up, you can start giving them weekly assignments for photography. Each week can be a different subject. For instance:

  1. Week one: Photograph of a flower - close up
  2. Week two: Photograph of a unique car - choose all different angles - don't have them photograph the family car. Make it more challanging, like cars from an vintige car collection
  3. Week three: Take a family photograph with flash. Intorduce them to "fill lighting" by having the portrat near a window and a white reflective surface on the opposite side, bouncing light back to fill in the shadows. (They will need a tripod for this)
  4. Week four: Picture of a sport, like baseball, football. Have them take an action shot, like a base runner sliding into home plate. Have them zoom-in on the shot to "fill the frame"
  5. Week five: Photograph of a landscape. This can be out in the country, a farm for instance.
  6. Week six: Photograph a farm animal: A cow or horse. Have them fill the frame. Make sure they pay attention to the natural lighting.
  7. Other subjects can be: The family pet, a closeup of an insect, a picture of someone working, a picture of kids playing, picture of a lake, of a fisherman, a policeman etc etc. Ok you get the idea.

The whole idea here is for them to try to learn something about composing photos, how to work the camera a bit more than just taking a "grab shot" and to refine their skills by having assignments.

Every week print off the best pictures of each assignment and have family or friends "judge" each one and give reasons why they like the best one. Also read the instruction book that came with the digital camera. You will unlock a wealth of features that hardly anyone knows.

Sources of quality cameras include:

Nikon digital cameras, Canon digital cameras, Kodak digital cameras

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