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Picking Paint Colors

We just moved to a new house and picking paint colors for each room started out as a fun task and turned into a dreaded chore!  Looking at the fan deck of thousands and thousands of colors and trying to picture this little tiny rectangle of color will look like on your wall is overwhelming!  However, the paint colors that I ended up with are perfect and I wanted to share could look them up, just so you have a place to start!

Natural Wicker (neutral color, good for hallways), Maple Leaf Red (deep red, good for a dining room), Van Deusen Blue (dark blue, almost navy- we painted a small bathroom with it), October Mist (greyish, bluish green- very soothing and pretty), Marilyn's Dress (light bluish, violet- I thought it was going to be grey!), Silver Cloud (a light blue), Nantucket Fog (a richer blue with a touch of grey), Whispering Spring (a light, light aqua-ish color), Prescott Green (we did 75% of this color and it looks great in my baby's room) and Weston Flax (a pretty, bright yellow)

Martha S.
We just did our new baby's room in prescott green too. a nice soft green. it's also in our dining room and looks elegant there and depending on the light has a bluish hint to it.
Rose M.
The best way that I am able to choose a room color is to match a focal point. A beautiful picture or bedspread for the bedroom.
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