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Pizza Cutters New Purpose

My pizza cutter has been such an invaluable tool in my kitchen.  It's not just for pizza any more! I use it for cutting up pancakes, waffles, ham slices, cheese slices, toast, sandwiches, quesadillas, etc. into bite-sized finger foods! For some reason, this even makes eating more fun for the kids!

Mr B.
Hey an "ulu" knife is really cool too. You can even use it to cut pizza with out the wheel trapping food. It's great for cutting cooked spaghetti and bread crust removal for sandwiches. You may also find that its handle allows for more leverage to cut apples, celery, caramels and tootsie rolls. Have fun!
Colleen L.
So simple and yet an awesome idea.
Bertie P.
I use mine when I make homemade noodles.
Nancy F.
It is also good for cutting up playdough. We use it in Kindergarten for that purpose!
I use mine the same way. I also use my kitchen shears for all the same things. Both the shears and the pizza cutters are way easier to use than knives!
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