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Places to Go to Live out Princesses and Fairies...

Much to the chagrin of one of my best friends, her sweet little 3 year old girl has turned out to be princess obsessed.  For the past two weeks, I haven’t seen our little friend in anything but Cinderella’s dress.  I mean she even wanted to wear her princess outfit to soccer camp.  Somehow when someone you love so much gets really into something, it’s contagious because there is something about embracing your child’s passions yourself that creates such a bonding experience.  Alas, for her 3 year old birthday, our friends traveled down to Disneyland for some face to face with Cinderalla, Arielle and all the other princesses.

Do you have a Princess obsessed child?  Wanna make your little princess’s fantasies come true?    Trekaroo families have some awesome ideas about places to go to make it all happen.

Travelmom declares the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, North Carolina,”Princess Heaven”.

Michipo says you can “see your fave princesses” at the 5 star rated Princess Storybook Breakfast in Lake Buena Vista, FL.

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament in Buena Park, California is “Perfect for the princesses and knights in your family!” raves JenC17.

Lydie’s got THE list of Top 10 Princess Destinations in the US that you must not miss.

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