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Plastic Storage Contaners - Great for Organizing...

Plastic storage containers have transormed my life...or at least my house.  There are a million uses for containers of all different sizes, and I'm finding just as many as I can.  The best thing about using plastic storage containers is that they are relatively cheap and they hold up extremely well.  Here's just a few things we are using them for in our house:

~ Small containers for hair ties

~ Shoe Box Size for doll clothes 

~ Shoe Box Size for Litltle Pet Shop & other small toys

~ Small plastic storage container for crayons 

~ Large containers for out-of-season clothes

~ Small size for extra batteries

~ Small containers in bathroom drawers for make-up 

~ Small containers in my junk drawers for nails and other small items

~ Large containers in the kids room for big toys

~ Small container with a variety of toys in the car to keep the kids entertained while on the road

~ All different sizes of plastic storage containers for craft supplies

~ Medium sized for kids coloring books

~ Small drawers for things I need in the kitchen - pens & pencils in one drawer, small pads of paper in another, small phone book, etc. 

I'm sure I use them for a million other things around the house as well and I'm constantly picking up more when I'm out. I hate things all thrown into drawers, so using these has really made me feel more organized and it's made it easier for me to find stuff around the house.  Another advantage is that is that it makes it much easier for kids to put things away.  

Mary E.
It's a funny thing, but I thought it would be a good thing to try something like this at my small apartment/hotel room and believe it or not, it works. I started keeping containers from plastic creamer containers to coffee cans. There is always something to use them for. Now every time I use up something I think very carefully if I can use the container or not which is something I don't do. LOL!!!!! Thanks for the great tip. Keep them coming
Suzanne C.
For small collections of stuff: One of my favs is using empty General Foods International Coffees cans. I cover them with either leftover wallpaper from a room or I use contact paper. I then label them with sticky letters or computer made labels. I use these for organizing office supplies (paper clips, rubberbands, file tabs tacks post-its, staples) These cans hold exactly 48 crayons also. AND these cans fit perfectly on a white wire rack on the inside of a closet or cupboard door. I've also used them for holding teas in the kitchen cabinet and for all manner of household repair items in my tool closet (nails, cup hooks, curtain hooks, glue, nails, picture hooks, bicycle tire repair kits, nuts and bolts, molly bolts and more.)
I use the Snap-It containers too! I live in Hawaii, where no matter how clean you are, little ants and other little critters find a way everything has to be stored in containers that they can't get into. I love the snap-it containers because they can be used again and again. If mine get stained - like with a left-over sauce, I just use lemon juice and a little salt to get the stain out.
I use plastic storage containers for my pantry. I have discovered "Snap-it" containers. They are a little expensive but I feel they are worth it. They are waterproof and air-tight. I keep flour, sugar, rice, pasta, baking soda and powder, cornstarch. basicly everything from soup to nuts. I also use them for leftovers that I put in the fridg. or freezer. I just bought a large bowl to put my salad greens in. I clean, tear my lettuce and put in the bowl with chopped green onions. I toss it in the fridg. I take out the amount of greens I need for the number of bowls i need. I then chop tomatoes and other things my family like in their salad. I return the unused salad in the bowl and put it back in the fridge. This makes salad prep so much easier when you are trying to get dinner on the table. These containers come in squares, rectangles and round. They have lids that snap down and seal the container. They are great! I have found these containers at Walmart, Kohles, Target, Garden Ridge or you can go to snapit.cim and order from there.
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