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Pool Parties for Kids

If you are looking for different and inventive parties or pool parties consider starting with Birthday in a Box. This is a total package beginning with invitations, plates, cups, plastic utinsils, beach balls, and many other accessories. The packages are available in several patterns from Hula Girl and Surf Pattern to Summer Delights. All are very colorful and fun for he kids.

So consider a theme for your party and order accordingly.

Food: If you have a limited budget go with less decoration, but don't skimp on the food. Avoid anything that cannot be cut with a fork, unless everyone is at a sit-down dinner. Finger-food or bite-sized food usually works out the best for kids. Meat and veggie trays along with cheese squares are always a popular item. Smoothies are a fun pool party drink. There are several recepies available on the net.

When searching for things to do consider:

Safety rules should be posted near the pool and adhered to. Always have a responsible adult present when there are activities around a pool.

Decorations and Music: Consider beach music for extra fun and realism. Also consider decorations with colorful beach towels, flip-flops, sunglass, hats and colorful beach chairs, if the budget permits. Blow up lots of beach balls and float them in the pool. Look for sea shells for tables and or fish nets to give you a totally ocean/beach feel

Additional things to consider: Have citronella candles available in case bugs and mosquitos would be a problem. You could also have bug spray for individuals to use. 

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