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Potato Chip Chicken Nuggets for Kids

I was looking for a fun recipe that my grandkids would like to eat as well as participate in cooking. I started noodling around the internet looking for different easy recipes that might appeal to kids. I found a bunch of them for potato chip coated chicken, which actually sounded pretty good to me since I like chicken and potato chips. They're really easy to make, and the kids can join in the fun. The recipes suggested using various flavored potato chips so I thought the grandkids would enjoy experimenting with different ones. We bought plain, bbq, onion & sour cream and for something different, a bag of Spicy Nacho Doritos. While I cut several skinless boneless chicken breasts into bite sized chunks, my grandkids had fun crushing each flavor of the chips in a separate ziplock bag with a rolling pin. I had to instruct them to go easy on the crushing, because all the recipes I looked at said to make sure the crumbs aren't too fine. In the meantime, I melted a stick of butter in the microwave and then let them drop the nuggets into the butter to coat the pieces. We divided the buttered nuggets into equal batches in the ziplock bags and pressed them to coat the chicken. We placed the coated chicken into separate areas on a greased baking sheet and popped it into a 375 degree oven for 15 minutes. Then we turned them over and baked another 15 minutes. We tried them with bbq sauce, ranch dressing, honey mustard and taco sauce for the Doritos. They all tasted pretty good, in fact, my grandson liked the Dorito covered ones the best. I did read that Kettle chips should be avoided because they become hard. But I'm willing to bet, that no matter what chips you use, the kids will be happy. If you're making them for yourself, you might want to sprinkle some extra spices into the potato chips to add more flavor. 

Eileen Q.
This sounds fun. I have done an egg 'omelet ' with my grands by placing the eggs and ingredients of choice into a sandwich bag for mixing by hand. This will take close supervision and prompts about careful squishing of the bag. It is a good activity for encouraging both hands to work together. A small skillet is just about right too cook in stove top or the omelet can be Microwaved for 4 to 5 and min. on high in a small amount of melted butter or use non stick spray.This bypasses the folding the egg in the skillet process if the youngsters are a little too young for that skill as yet. The olmlets turn out amazingly edible.
JoAnn P.
This sounds great!
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