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Potty Training Tips for Boys

Everyone has been telling me how difficult it is to potty train a toddler boy.  I've been potty training my son for the past couple weeks.  Things are coming along pretty well.  I've kept track of some of the things that work & some of the things that aren't so successful.

Here is a few of my tips for training the active toddler boy!

1.  When the child sits on the potty chair, have him read a book or play with a favorite toy.  This will make him comfortable & less worried about being nervous or wanting to get off of the chair as soon as he sits down.

2. If he wants to go potty standing up, let him!  Teach him to point to a target & control his aim.  Use a crayon or marker to create a target for him to aim towards.

3. If your son is on the potty and can't go, give him a lukewarm wash cloth or cup of water to play with.  The water is sure to make him go potty.

4. Provide positive feedback everytime...even if he doesn't go potty!  Celebrate his sucess & be excited for him.  He is much more likely to have a positive experience & continue to try to use the toilet.

5. Don't give up!  It can be frustrating at times when you spend 20 minutes sitting next to him & nothing happens.  Be patient, provide positive feedback & be consistent.  Eventually he'll figure it out!!

Hope a couple of those tips help you out & good luck!! :)

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