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Preventing Mold in Front Loading Washers

When we bought a front loading washer for its efficiency and energy saving attributes, we soon heard that mold was one of the most common problem with front loading washers.

If you have made a commitment to become more eco-friendly by buying a front loading washer, it is also wise to become more proactive in preventing the mold problem in the first place.  Here is an article that I wrote on ehow on steps you can take to prevent the mold problem in your front loading washer.

Thanks for the tips, and thanks for reading, Heather.
Heather H.
Our technician who serviced our front loader (Sears) also said that occasionally it's good to run the sterilizing program with a little plain old bleach in the water to clean out the residues that build to create molds over time. He also said that you should look carefully inside the rubber seal around the door after each day's use to see if socks or other small items have gotten "sucked" into that area ~ we've found long-lost socks in ours that were pretty funky after sitting there damp for days! Ick....
Vicki, did not think about it as my kids are older now. But when our washer was installed, always leaving the washer door open was a strict instruction given to us by the installation guys. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Gale H, thanks for the tip, and thanks for reading!
Gale H.
I attach a suction cup to the front side of the machine where the doors shuts and hook a large rubber band to the hook on the door and the suction cup hook. Works good unless the suction cup falls! Which it does from time to time.
I wouldn't recommend leaving the door open if young children have access to the laundry area. Kids love to crawl into tiny spaces and if the door shuts, they could suffocate.
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