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Printable Worksheets for Math and Reading

Just found this really useful site that lets you create your own individualized math and reading worksheets. Specifically, Mrs. Perkins does have "sight word" worksheets and learning activities. This is a site worth visiting for some quick summer practice! Parents/Teachers are able to create free worksheets and are also able to access some simple lesson plans to supplement their child's learning. 

I like that the lists are broken down by grade, making it easier for parents with 2 or more children. The Math Worksheet Wizard  leads you to another useful site, allowing parents to customize their child's math learning. The "time" worksheets are useful and quite cute! .

Make sure to click in the center of the site and NOT the ads for paid worksheets that are along the margins and even on the top!

Here are some direct links to best free worksheets on the site:

Additional Resources on Printables & Worksheets

Also, see the FamilyZip Printables section, which has a catalog of over 100 of the best sites on printable activities and worksheets that were recommended by real Moms and Dads.

Dorothy R.
This website is great for assessing students before tutoring. It's much better than cutting and pasting the problems. Thank you.
Laura Y.
I have thee kids and thy rely love them thy ask me everday to print them worksheets
Jo J.
Great for my 6 yr. old grandson....he needs to build up his self confidence..thank you!
Erma L.
Great website for my second graders and seventh graders. Thanks for the tip.
Alison W.
Loved the math site. Thanks!
Holly W.
Trying to tutor a 65 yr old man with limited abilities. Thanks so much for the basics.
Patti H.
This turned out to be a really great site! I am home schooling my son he is in kindergarten and it had some really good math FREE worksheets.
The links toward the top of the page are a bit confusing because some of them are ads. Just need to carefully look at what links you are clicking, but there are some nice resources here for math and reading.
Samira C.
I luv this sight
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