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Printables on Letters and Numbers for Teachers...

Found this great site for Letter writing practice and  Numbers writing practice - perfect for teachers

You can download Galloping Minds - Alphabet, Numbers writing pages and coloring pages free of cost and use them for your class.

To find these, you just need to scroll to the bottom of the page, beyond the DVDs.

Marlene B.
The free numbers at the bottom of the page was just what I needed for my 4 year old. Getting ahead of the game before school starts, and to stay ahead once school starts.
Jessica D.
I wanted free and the site was all about stuff to buy??? If that was what I wnated I could have found tons on the web a lot easier than this!
Brandi G.
Just wanted traceable numbers... this wasn't a good site... and talk about really generic
Elizabeth A.
Not good website
Heather C.
Where can i find,free,printable numbers that are traceable?
Savita D.
I love this site..great printables for preschoolars to practice.
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