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Product Review: Zoo Pal Travel Cups

Hefty has come out with a cup that compliments their Zoo Pal paper plate line.  The Zoo Pal cups have these neat lids on them that form a disposable sippy. 

These adorable little cups are perfect for car rides and camping when you do not have a way to wash the sippy cups as you normally would.  You can also stash them into a backpack or large purse when on the run and fill at your convenience. They are also perfect for picnics and birthday parties where you are using the Zoo Pals paper plates, utensils and/or bowls.

Another high point for these cups is they are great for sick children.  You never have to worry about making sure all of the lids have been sanitized for a sick little one.  Grab a disposable and go.

The only downside is that the lid allows a little spillage if tipped but not enough to worry about if caught quickly.  They would not be good for helping a child go to sleep while lying down. 

A box of 14 is prewrapped in a sleeve and retails for about $3.00 at your local big box store or grocer.  Give them a try.

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