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Questions to Ask Potential Family Daycare Providers...

Every parent should attend a parent/daycare interview armed with a list of important questions. I have provided a list relevant to finding family daycare placements. It may be helpful for parents to customize their own question lists using my suggestions by either adding or removing items that are important to them.

Family Daycare Provider Questions

1. Are you a licensed daycare provider?
2. Are you (and assistants if applicable) certified in infant/child CPR and first aid?
3. What is your level of experience in caring for children?
4. How many children are you licensed to care for?
5. Do you work with an assistant? If so, what are their qualifications?
6. Do you offer a food program?
7. Do you allow the children to watch television?
8. Is this a smoke free home?
9. How often do you change diapers?
10. Do you offer a structured curriculum?
11. Do the children have a set nap time?
12. How many infants do you care for at one time?
13. How do you offer cultural diversity?
14. Have you had any complaints against your program?
15. What is your discipline policy?
16. How much “free play” do the children have each day?
17. Do you offer backup childcare if you take a vacation, sick time, personal day, or holiday?
18. What is your sick child policy?
19. Have all of the children in your care had all of their immunizations?
20. What is your plan in the event that a child is injured?
21. How often are you inspected?
22. What is your policy on potty training?  What methods do you use?
23. Are the children read to every day?
24. How often you the children play outside?
25. Do you take the children on field trips? What is your plan if a child gets lost?

Barbara J.
I am a registered daycare provider with over twenty years of experience and I just want you to know that this is a very thorough listing of questions for parents to use. I too cover all of the topics you mentioned in my handbook that I give my parents and go over with them during interviews. Good job.
I have been a licensed daycare provider for over 14 yrs. GREAT list... I am very impressed by parents that know what they are looking for and have enough sense to advocated for their child. Parents that come to an interview and say nothing, and do not ask any question except do you have openings and how much money??? make me nervous and a major red flag goes up... Donna
I am a licensed provider and this is a very well put together list. It does cover a lot of what is in my own handbook. Thanks for helping potential parents when they are looking for daycare. Barb
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