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Quick and Easy Breakfast - Make Them a Homemade...

For those mornings when you are running late or when your kids are in slow motion, make them a quick homemade smoothie for breakfast.  I hate sending my kids off to school without breakfast but this is a great way to get something in their tummies if you only have 5 mins before you rush them off. They can also drink this while waiting for the bus.  Just take a blender and throw in whatever fruits you have with yogurt, milk and fruit juice, cubes of ice to thicken it and blend. I don't even measure stuff out. To make it easier, I buy bags of frozen mixed berries and use that to make smoothies on the fly (incase I am out of fresh fruit).  Plus using the frozen berries eliminates the need to use ice cubes. This gives your kids a healthy breakfast with a dose of fruit and calcium too.  For an extra boost, add in some honey for the winter time to help fight off sickness.  

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