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Quick and Easy Crockpot Pizza Recipe

Easy Crockpot pizza During the winter months I am always looking for easy crockpot recipes-kind of set it and forget it. You don’t even need to cook the pasta in this one as the pasta will get cooked in the sauce.   

1 pound of  ground beef or bulk Italian sausage-
1 medium onion chopped-
1 green pepper chopped
half a box of rigatoni or ziti  
7 oz jar sliced mushrooms drained
3 oz sliced pepperoni-
2 cup   of  spaghetti sauce  (you can substitute 1 cup for diced tomatos)
10 oz mozarella cheese shredded

Optional add some sliced  black olives


1. Brown ground beef and onions in saucepan. Drain.
2. Layer half of each of the following in the order given:
a. ground beef and onions
b. green pepper
c. noodles
d. mushrooms
e. pepperoni
f. pizza sauce
g. cheddar cheese
h. mozarella cheese
3. Cover . Cook on Low 3 to 4 hours
Keep the pasta  covered with sauce so they don't become dry and crunchy.  

If you are trying to watch your carbs-you can elimate the pasta alltogether but increase the meat to 1.5 lbs.  If you want to lower the calories use ground turkey and turkey pepperoni. 

The family gives this one 2 thumps up.   

Valory J.
In the recipe ingred. it does not list pizza sauce only spagetti sauce. There is a difference. As far as cheeses, it mentions only mozarella not cheddar which is listed later. Can you clarify WHAT ARE THE INGRED? How much cheddar or do you need 10 oz. of moz and cheddar combined or seperate?
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