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Quick Children's Bedroom Organzing Tips

Clean your room I feel I say every morning to my children.  

As a mom of 3 boys, sometimes their bedrooms can be messy.  Organizing their room can be a bit chaotic.   My kids  accumulate so many toys, games, and legos  that you hardly know where to put everything.  Fortunately, here are quick kid’s rooms organizing tips for you to use as a guide. 

Depending upon the type of furniture in their rooms, you may want to add a few more pieces that will turn the chaos into calm. Today, there are so many  unique and colorful bins and containers for kids than ever before. In addition, your kids will probably be even more excited to help you organize their rooms, especially if it’s new and shiny!  

Contain toys and other belongings before you store. Use plastic shoebox containers for smaller toys (Barbie clothes, Happy Meal give-aways), larger lidded bins for blocks, trucks and cars, light-weight cardboard records boxes for stuffed animals. Use specialty organizers to corral magazines and comic books, video games, or CDs.    One thing that we do is try to separate legos by either color or by type. 

One thing that I try to do to keep my kids from being on a constant routine  with a lot of overflow stuff is a 7 fling boogie.   It is a take off of the Fly lady’s (internet cleaning guru)  27 fling boogie As fast as you can, take a garbage bag and walk through your home and throw away 7 items. Do not stop until you have collected all 7 items.  Mom decides if it actually gets tossed.

Doing a little bit each day will keep their rooms organized and clean!  


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