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Rainy Day Art

Easy and pretty rainy day art project: Get regular, old fashioned coffee filters and have the kids color on them with washable markers. Don't put too much color on and don't fill up the whole filter. Then, either take outside and let the rain fall on the filter, or spray water onto it from a spray bottle. The colors will run and look like a fancy watercolor painting. Let the filters dry, and you can either make a bouquet of flowers or use them as wall art or as part of a greeting card. To make flowers, grab the center of the filter, and pull up, gathering the rest of the filter around the middle. Arrange as desired, and twist a pipe cleaner around the center. You'll be amazed at what a pretty bouquet this makes in an elegant vase!

Eileen Q.
What a great idea. I like that this activity interacts with the weather. The pictures are unprodictable which takes the edge off of compitition and the abitiy gap that age diferences make. Do not be afraid to use a variety of papers.
Lisa W.
Fabulous mother's day craft idea!
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