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Read the Fine Print - You Could Be Paying More...

I just learned of this site this morning on the morning news and I love it! is a consumer's best friend, especially in these trying times. Has anyone noticed recently that product/food containers have seemed to have shrunk?? I was just noting this in the grocery store the other day and thought it was my imagination. However, Mouse Print basically confirmed my suspicion that we are actually paying more for less product! Mouse Print essentially "highlights" all those fine print details and allows consumers to spread the word on those products which may have some how "shrunk" overnight. Additionally, this site exposes sale and coupon scams from some of our favorite stores. It really does pay to read the fine print! Mouse print is a service of  - check this site out as well to locate local bargains and the best prices on your favorite items.

Amanda B.
Yeah, been noticing this for a little husband noticed something recently. We bought a package of the football shaped brownies recently because my son thought they were cool. Well, the next week we couldn't find any so we just bought regular ones. My husband made the comment that the football ones seemed smaller than the regular ones. They are. About a quarter of a brownie smaller. But they hid this by the way they put the net weight. They added a 0 when it wasn't needed. Like say the regular brownies were 1.75 (oz, lbs, whatever) and the football were 1.2. Well they wrote it 1.20 so at a glance it wouldn't seem different. Anyway, long comment but I've noticed this too!
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