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Redefine Christmas

Christmas is a time of year where everyone thinks about giving.  This website helps you to think about giving in a whole new way.  What a great way to teach your children the true meaning of Christmas than to teach them to give to those who need it most, starting at this time of year.  Help you and your family Redefine Christmas.

I think that giving is associated with Christmas because it is one of the truest ways we as mere humans can embody Christ's love, by doing what he did on a smaller scale and practicing our own version of selflessness and love for others. I agree with you about the limit of that site and that is why I have included many others in my tips including and At you will find nonprofits like Planned Parenthood (not truly associated with the Guttmacher Institute, but the GI does do reproductive health and justice reasearch) and Samaritan's Purse, both of which we as a family have donated to. I don't think that Redefine Christmas is sad and transparent at all, merely limited as are all non-profits. The sad and transparent thing would be faulting an organization that tries to do good instead of looking further to find organizations and charities that meet our goals.
While I certainly object to the commercialization of Christmas, and believe (and practice) giving to charities and non-profits, I don't really appreciate our faith community's holiday being co-opted by saying that "the true meaning of Christmas" is just giving to charity. (Perhaps it would be worthwhile to make another holiday called "Charitymas.") Also, the selection of charities accessible through this program is insidiously biased, ignoring major groups such as World Vision, Samaritan's Purse, Prison Fellowship, and Compassion International, but including a division of Planned Parenthood (the Guttmacher Institute) and groups such as the "Youth Coalition for Sexual and Reproductive Rights." An effort truly interested in non-profits and charities per se would have a much broader tent than "Redefine Christmas" does. How sad and untransparent.
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