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Remebering to Water House Plants

I love houseplants. They make my house feel so much homier and I know they are good for indoor air quality and overall health. 

I'm a sort of forgetful person though and I'm constantly forgetting to water my plants.  I end up spending a lot of money replacing plants that I constantly allow to die.  So, I've had to come up with some tips to remember to water my house plants. 

~ Use the calendar on your computer. You should be able to set up an "appointment" that repeats as often as you want it to.  So, set an appointment to water your plants and have it repeat every few days or once a week. You can even set the calender to pop up an alert. 

~ Check your email program. That may allow you to send yourself an email every week that reminds you to take care of your plants. 

~ If your kids use a chore or responsibility chart, put them in charge of making sure that it gets done and put it on their chart of things to do each week. 

~ If you use a daily planner, take the time to write it down for the rest of the year right now.  

~ Get Into a Routine. Everything is easier to do when you do it on the same day of every week.  I water my plants every Friday now and since I do it at the same time every week, I can remember to do it without all my other reminders.  

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