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Repair Picture Frames

From my money saving e-zine:

  Broken Picture Frames
I have often had to replace broken glass in frames. I take my
frames to my local glass store. The staff is always helpful.
They can often use scrap pieces of glass for small frames,
pieces that they otherwise wouldn't be able to use. They cut
the glass for me, make sure it fits my frame, sand any rough
edges that could cut skin, and polish it up. They charge very
little. I generally pay between $1 to $3 to replace glass.
I've also taken old picture frames to them and had pieces of
mirror cut to fit. This is a very economical way to add
mirrors to your decor.
The best part of this is that I'm supporting a local business
and using less gas by staying close to home. And, I can catch
up on local "news" while establishing friendly relations with
fellow townspeople!

Andrea, in my town we have Mass Glass, 278 CAMBRIDGE ST BURLINGTON, MA 01803-2541 Phone: 781-229-6640 I'm sure you have a glass store near you. Just google it!
Andrea P.
I'm not sure I understand what a local glass store you have the name of the store you go to? :)
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