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Review of the Disney Movie: EARTH

I went to see the movie Earth as a field trip with both of my daughters’ classes. What a great movie it is! It is the first of the series called Disney Nature; the second one will be released on Earth day, 2010 and will feature the oceans.

Traveling from the Arctic to Antarctica stopping in Africa, watching the hunted and the hunter on the ground, on the ice, and in the sea, discovering the hardships of the animals in lands and seas left almost untouched by humans was a treat.

Death is present in the movie but never given for free. It is always with a purpose and often the end scenes are left to the imagination. The director knew when to stop where it may have been too much.
It is a nice family experience and the start of interesting discussions with your children about protecting the environment, hunting habits, survivals of species, and the different landscapes found in the continents. Ask them which places they would love to travel to and why, and which places they are not attracted to and why.

Here are my children and BFF comments:

Olivia, 10: I think it teaches people and kids about the importance of animals and how there are not only humans in the world. It also teaches you how animals live and that we need to respect them and their habitat.

Thais, 7: I like watching the movie because they showed funny parts. What I did not like was seeing that some animals were dying. It is called the circle of life. The black bird who was dancing and the monkeys walking in the water made me laugh and it looked like they were dancing too.
It shows also that it is important not to cut the woods in the forest.

Nora, 10, Olivia’s BFF: It was funny and there were lots of pretty places. It teaches you why it is important to save the Earth.

I absolutely loved this movie, although I did cry on several occassions. Please see my tip about how to help the polar bears if you loved the polar bear family in this movie!
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