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Road Trip Tips When Traveling with Kids

If you have an upcoming road trip planned with children in tow, taking the time to plan ahead will prepare you for any setbacks you may experience along the way. The following tips will help make the excursion go much smoother and ensure that everyone is comfortable and content.

  • Bring books for your child to look through and read.
  • Pack a few small hand-held toys that your little one enjoys playing with.
  • Take some coloring or activity books with a box of crayons.
  • Pack a few healthy snacks and some water bottles to avoid crankiness when hunger sets in.
  • Bring a few children's music CDs to listen to and sing along with as a family.
  • If it will be a long drive, consider leaving at bedtime so your child can sleep the majority of the trip.
  • If it is a day trip, plan on leaving around the time that your child normally naps.
  • Don't forget her favorite stuffed animal or blanket to cuddle with in the car.
  • Give yourself extra time and plan frequent stops for bathroom breaks and also for getting out of the car and stretching.

Keep in mind that these travel tips are a general guide to help you prepare for your road trip. Modify this list to meet your own child's wants and needs to ensure that your drive is as stress-free as possible.

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