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Rub a Dub Dub, Charlie's Soap in Your Laundry...

Ok, if you are still using expensive, potentially toxic laundry soap, you've got to check out Charlie's.  Charlie's soap is a laundry/all purpose cleaner that I swear by, and here is why.  I have a family of four and a dog (who doesn't actually wear clothes but manages to get many dirty).  I use Charlie's for all our laundry-including baby stuff and cloth diapers!  It is totally non-toxic, earth friendly, and safe for everyone's clothes!  Not only that but I use it to wash the dog, my car, and my carpets...and just about anything else I come across that needs cleaning.  A little bit goes a long way so when I buy the 5 gallon bucket of laundry powder (which I already mentioned I use for everything plus there is free shipping) it lasts my family over 2 and a half years.  I figure that is less then $3.50 a month and you never have to remember to pick up laundry soap at the store.  Can't beat that!

I prefer the powder because I think it is easier to buy in bulk and keep around the house, plus you only need to use one little scoop with each load. But I think they offer free shipping on many items, so you might get a little of both to try at first before you place a large order.
Hello, Would you recommend the liquid or the powder laundry soap? I have used ALL liquid & Downey for years but I'd like to take this step to go earth friendly.
I also use this soap for everything (i.e., not just for the baby stuff) and I love it. I started using it because I don't like fragrances for babies but the fact that the there is no detergent residue left in the clothes is incredible. You don't really understand the difference until you try it. I could never go back to regular detergent... things now feel and smell actually clean rather than covered up with laundry "film" and chemicals.
LaToya S.
I have three kids and a dog. I will try Charlie's laundry soap because as you already know, everything in the house is always dirty.
You go to the website and go to "order products" at the top. There you can add products to your cart. The one I order is the 5 gallon tub of laundry powder that I use for all these things.
Nancy W.
I like the idea of an all purpose natural cleaning product. I too have four children and a dog. So how do you order a 2 year supply of Charlies Laundry Soap?
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