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Samsung Moment Smartphone Cell Phone

Samsung Moment Smartphone

I’ve owned a Samsung Smartphone by Sprint for nearly 2 years. I totally love the phone’s capabilities. I can manage documents, third party emails from varying accounts, read books, listen to music, follow the news and weather. It takes acceptable pictures and video too. Not as good as a digital camera, but not bad. It’s just like having a tiny tablet. I love it.

Two issues I have with it are the battery life is hideous. I get two or three hours max without recharging. There are repeated battery problems, which may or may not be related. Occasionally, The battery heats up intensely hot and the you can watch the charge drop, it happens so fast. I’ve had two buy two batteries for it in nearly 2 years.

Also, there’s a ton of apps, but very few that are really cool. For instance, I need 4 difference book readers in order to access the books in my library. All those IPhone 4 and IPad commercials are killing me with jealousy.

Basically, Samsung made a good product. I use it constantly and love it. I’ll buy another in the hopes that they’ve corrected these known issues.

Thanks Geri I will try those options. My friend has an iphone and has been trying to turn me the other side but I do love having a keyboard to actually type on rather than a touch screen.
Geri R.
I also have this phone and love it. I have found that by adjusting some settings my battery lasts all day. I turned off location services until it is needed. (This also doesn't allow tracking.) I also turned off syncing so my email is only coming in when needed. I charge my phone at night and it lasts all day by making a couple of adjustments. I have an Itouch and they have their issues. I hate Itunes. Thatt lead me to my samaung phone. The batery ran hot on my phone when I ran all of the above services and the wifi hbotspot on my phone. However, I haven't had that since.
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