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Save Money on Disney World Souvenirs

If you are traveling to Disney World on a budget, you've got to think about souvenirs before you get there or  you'll bust your budget for sure. The rides there are famous for what I like to call "ride dumps." That's when the rides dump you into a souvenir shop as you get off.  And kids can't resist all the stuff that's in those stores.  Heck, it's hard to adults to resist it. 

But, if you are trying to travel to Disney World cheap, you've got to make a plan of attack before you arrive.  Here are some tips that have helped us to keep the cost of souvenirs down.  

1. You can get Disney merchandise almost anywhere. Pick up some cheap items before you even go on vacation. You can get them at a local Disney Store (on sale!), from eBay, or even in local toy stores. Then, when your child wants something, tell him/her that you think Goofy, or whoever, left a present in their room.  

2. Set a spending limit for your kids. When you arrive at Disney World, buy each child a gift card that they can use in the park. When the money is gone, it's gone. 

3. Have your child save money before you go and allow them to spend what they've saved. They'll be a lot more selective about what they buy if they save the money themselves. 

4. Implement the rule, "if you buy it, you carry it."  This should help kids think twice before they buy something that they'll have to carry around with them all day! 

5. Use the plastic bag method. Put all of your child's money for the week into a plastic baggie. When they want something,  hand them their bag. That way they can see all the time how much money they have. 

6. Encourage your child to really think about what they want before making their purchases so they don't end up on the last day really wanting something but not having the money for it. 

7. Start a "Disney World Souvenir" jar at home, months before you leave. Put loose change into the jar. Before you leave, get cash for the money and allow your child to use it on your vacation. 

And...set a good example. If you can't stop yourself from buying everything in sight, your child will likely have a hard time with it as well!  Remember that most of your Disney World souvenirs will end up forgotten about as soon as you arrive home! 

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