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Save Your Wrapping Materials Save the Earth

Once the presents are opened and the dust settles, rethink throwing away all that wrapping paper.  What else do you do with it you ask?  Reusing it is one solution!  Boxes can be reused to package things you mail throughout the year (or if you must get rid of them, recycled).  Saving a clothing box can give you a handy way to repack small, odd shape, or clothes items in the future.  Wrapping paper can be saved (cut off the bad edges) and used for craft projects or even ironed to wrap with again.  Tissue paper can often be reused no matter what it's shape to put in gift bags.  Speaking of gift bags, fold those up, hang on to them, and save yourself some $ the next time you have a present to give.  And for any leftover items that you can't seem to find a re-use for, check with a local day-care or preschool.  They are often looking for these materials for in-class craft projects.  This year I was able to gift my sons preschool with packing peanuts I had been saving.  It gave them a fun thing to play with and saved me a trip to the UPS store.  This is most useful after the holidays but can be used with any kind of gift all year long!

Thanks for the tip! Just a thought for next year - my sister actually used brown paper bags instead of wrapping paper - I thought it was a cool idea...she added bows/ribbons to make the packages festive and pretty
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