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Saving Money At Disney- Over and Over Again

Unfortunately, I did not take advantage of this tip last Disney vacation- but my friend did and it was well worth it!

You know a one day pass is the most expensive to Disney and then by day 5 it's about $6 to add another day?  Well...if you get the tickets without expiration dates, you can save yourself a crazy amount of money!!  If you know you are going for 4 days in March, but may be planning another trip next year, get an eight day pass!  You'll buy four days for extremely cheap!

Mary Beth R.
We went to Disney Orlando this past April and they have you scan your finger when you enter the parks. That particular finger print is associated with that particular pass as long as the pass is good for. They explained to me this is the way they keep people for selling passes on the secondary market.
Barbara A.
We did buy the multiple-day, no expiration date passes when we were at Disney in March. I agree that it's definitely the best way to go. They say that the same person has to use the card when returning but I am not sure how they would check that given the large numbers of people going through the gates at any given time.
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