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Saving Money: Fattening Your Wallet While Filling...

Although the economy is going through a recession, your refrigerator does not need to suffer the same fate. You can save half your grocery bill if you just shop wisely. The keys are to prepare and know your store's coupon policies. How many times do we spend twice as much for an ingredient on our dinner menu because we need it right then? Yes, you know it was on sale last week, but you weren't using it in any of your meals; so, you skipped putting it in your cart. Guess what; that item you could have gotten on sale last week is now twice as much.

You still buy it though because you didn't prepare! Let me give you a few pointers that with just a few extra minutes of your time, will help prepare you for next week's meals and save you a ton of money. First, make a list of the meals that you frequently eat and what ingredients this requires. Keep that list handy, because you will need it each week when you look through your store's circular. Match your key ingredients to the deals each week, and stock up during the sale.

My second tip is to know your store's coupon policies. Some stores take competitor coupons and they will also take two coupons on their buy one get one free deals (bogo). So, not only are you getting one free item, you are getting additional savings by using your coupons. My final tip for today is to look for coupons, save them, and (most importantly) use them.

Coupons can be found in the Sunday paper, online websites, or calling the company of your choice. Manufacturers will often send you a free sample and/or coupons for their products for just calling them or sending out a short e-mail. Every little bit of savings counts in today's economy, so stay tuned for future tips on how to keep your pantry stocked even though your wallet is not!

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