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Saving Money This Week

I doubt I need to ask this, but I will ask anyway: do you want to save some money? Of course you do, and I will tell you how! This week many K-marts are participating in Super Doubles.  This is where they will double any coupon up to $2.00.  There are some restrictions, but they are pretty simple: no overage, limit of 4 coupons per specific items, and no more than 75 coupons in one trip. The following is a list of items that you can get free or cheap, as long as you have the coupons that go with them: shampoo (pert plus, sunsilk, herbal essence, garnier, dove), home fragrance (glade candles, glade spray, glade scented oil Christmas holder, glade oil holders), candy (lifesaver bags, altoids, trident gum), cleaning (greased lightning, endust, revolve), beauty (biore face items found in clarence section, clearasil face wash, ky jelly warming, ky jelly, vaseline men's lotion, jergens lotion, revlon nail files and clippers, nail art stickers, revlon pencil sharpener, revlon eye shadow, revlon emery boards, scotch brite ultra nail saver, bic razors, edge shaving gel, fusion shaving gel, schick quattro women, dove body wash, gillette shampoo, gillette wash), deodorant (suave, sure, brut), laundry (purex softner, purex fabric, tide), health (mega-t green tea weight loss, met rx bars), food (old elpaso dinner kits, lipton tea, franks hot sauce weber seasoning packs, nestle chocolate chips, jello pudding, easy mac cups, propel water, ronzoni smart taste pasta, sobe juice),  medical (visine, extra strength tylenol, tums smoothies, j and j first aid tape, excederin, johnson and johnson bandaids, maalox, rolaids), oral hygiene (colgate toothbrush, colgate toothpaste), miscellaneous (glad sandwich bags, good life cat food, ziploc vacuum sealer).  This is just a short list of free items or extremely cheap items,  Can you imagine how much you can save if you take advantage and stock up now?  Just remember to call your local K-mart to see if they are participating in these great saving deals!

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