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Scrabble Flash Cubes-good Old Fashion Fun

Scrabble has been a favorite game of mine for years.  I have passed down the tradition of playing the board game version of Scrabble down to my chidren. . Known as Scrabble Flash Cubes, this new and improved word game will place your skills to the test using 3 distinct solo as well as competitive games in which you will swap, shuffle and slide your way to win.

With only five tiles and a lightweight storage box, Scrabble Flash is both portable and well within the word power of younger players. The game starts with a chime as each of the interactive SmartLink tiles displays a letter. Tiles can "read" each other's letters when they touch as you shuffle them around to make a word. When you've made a word, the tiles light up and beep, and you can continue to the next word. Once your time is up, the tiles digitally display your score. When one game just isn't enough, press the reset button and the tiles will flash a new combination of letters.

The game can be played with 1 or more players and is recommended for ages eight and above. It's very quick paced and also addictive when you start. Many gamers say that if you're limited on time, Scrabble Flash Cubes are the best choice. Playing this kind of game, you don't need to draw out a game board as well as all of the parts. Actually, there are three distinct editions of the Scrabble Flash Cubes game that you may select from. The first game is suit when you want to play solo, game number 2 is for playing together with friends and game number three is also intended for playing together with buddies, however it offers the elimination component to the mix.

I plan on picking this up to add as a teacher gift for my youngest son’s class as it is perfect game to help teach reading and letter recognition.

Scrabble Flash cubes is available at Walmart, Toy R Us or order online at

Great! I think you will really enjoy the game
I just saw these at the store! Thanks for your tip. I'm off to get them. :)
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