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Late last August I decided it was time to start clearing out all the books I knew I would probably never read again, such as paperbacks and books I had read for my book club. Since I had purchased many of them from I thought I would see what it would involve to sell them though their site. Basically it just took me the time to input the titles and price I was looking for. So far I have sold over $300 worth of books. Half gets 15%, and they do reimburse you for postage up to a certain amount, so if your book weighs more than a pound, you have to figure that into the price. They notify you by email when you have made a sale and you have 5 days to mail it. Twice a month they deposit the money directly into your bank account.

Here's the method that I used to determine if I had a book that someone would want to buy, and how much to ask. I would first input the ISBN into a search to see how many copies were for sale, and how much the books were going for. For example, right now there are 865 copies of Eat, Pray, Love for sale with the lowest price at .75. Since my copy is in "Good" shape it would probably take forever to sell. That one gets donated to the library. However, my hardbound copy of Snow, of which there are only 47 listed, sold for $3.00. In order to get your book listed on the front page, just price it in between the highest and lowest in your category of condition showing on the front page.

To keep track of my books, as I listed each one I wrote the author and title in a word doc and put it in a box that holds approximately 25 books. Box 1, box 2, and so on. This is extremely important so when you make a sale, you can look at your list and see in which box the book is located.  Happy selling.

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