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Sesame Place Tips & Tricks

Sesame Place is a great park for youngsters (age 2-9) if you remember a couple of things.   Here are some tips for your visit:

  • Book the breakfast. It's not great food, but (use AAA discount) your kids get ample time with the characters and at opening time, you are in the park. Book the Cookie Monster breakfast instead of the more popular Elmo breakfast. Cookie's further into the park. We walked out at 10 and walked right onto the lazy river next door with nobody in front of us. Then proceeded to Ernie's Waterworks again practically alone. Then went around to the bigger waterslides, also practically alone.
  • Get the two day pass and use your AAA card for discounts.  Split the two days up for "dry rides" and "wet rides".  Only spend about 5 hours in the park each day. It'll keep you from getting too hot (no shade from trees) and you will still have a blast.
  • If you're staying in the area, pick one of the hotels with a shuttle. The Sheraton, The Holiday Inn, and Comfort Suites all have shuttles. There may be more. Those are the ones I saw. No parking fees and door to door service.
  • If you don't have breakfast reservations, be at the gates before they open. Our day without breakfast reservations, we were there as they opened and once again walked onto whatever we wanted. Between 10 and 12 we had no significant lines and this was a weekend.
  • Get out at parade time! If you stay for the 2 days and use the 2 day ticket. Get out around parade time. If you're there early enough, you can have a full day and go back to your hotel and swim or relax, while the place is mobbed mid-afternoon.
  •  Go early in the season before it gets too hot or too crowded. The only down side to going early in the season is that they are short on staff b/c most of their staff are in high school and school isn't out until mid June. We were there the week of June 12th and they said their staff would be ramping up the next week.
  • Stay at a hotel nearby with a shuttle.
  • Don't eat dinner at the park - we had Macaroni Grill across the street and it was just right.
  • Make sure you take in a couple of shows. The elmo show was fantastic and so was Big Birds Beach Party.
  • Bring your own lunch or water bottles. You are never going to get a deal on food.

All in all, Sesame is a great place for family fun. We loved it. Our kids loved it. It's clean. It's pretty. The characters are a unique experience. The staff treated us well.   Have fun and take it slow. I think splitting the park up into two sections and doing one section one day and another section another day, will keep you cool and happy.

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