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Simple Safeguard for Kids in Crowds (like Disney)...

This is something that seems so common sense - but according to the people at Disney - they had never seen it done before.

We took our kids (6 & 4) to Disney for the first time this past Christmas.  Crowds at this time of year are pretty thick, so we tried to come up with a way to "label" them in the event they got lost.

My husband went into a local drugstore and got a roll of clear packing tape and a bunch of plain white nametag stickers.  Each morning, we would fill out the tags with both of our cell phone numbers (Mom cell - xxx xxx xxxx / Dad cell - xxx xxx xxxx).  Then we stuck the tags on the back of their shirts with a piece the clear packing tape.  That way, they wouldn't play with them and pull them off.  (no names or anything).
Other parents as well as several Disney workers thought it was a really great idea.  And it gave us just that added extra sense that someone would be able to contact us if either of them got lost. 

We also attached these cute little child locater devices to each of their sneakers.   We got ours online at My Precious Kids.   It was a splendid trip - and no one got lost once.  :)

Helen K.
You never want to put your child's name on them where it can seen by a stranger. ( name tags, back packs, ...) Stragers can then call you child by name and pretend that he or she knows them. Even many school field trips have stopped doing this. Try a hospital type bracelet with your information on it.
As an impromptu substitute, if you have your business card with your cell phone on it give it to your kid and tell him that's how to find you if they get lost. My husband went with a group of kids at our son's daycare to the zoo and sure enough one ran off and then handed the card to a zoo worker to call him when she couldn't find them. My husband also takes a picture with his phone whenever we go into a crowded place/event so he has an extremely current photo of him, down to what he's wearing.
This is a very important tip...great idea! Also, when we go to a crowded place such as a busy beach, amusement park or apple orchard, I dress the girls in very distinctive and bright colors. I used to use the Hanna Andersson clothes in stripes and actually dressed them the same...not only did I remember what they were wearing, I had to just look for bold red and white striped dresses. I had to once identify what my daughter was wearing to a police officer and I just blanked out - remember what the children have on too!
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